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Flooring Installation in Fountain Hills, AZ

As Fountain Hills continues to thrive and expand, Eagle Flooring Company proudly stands alongside it. For more than three decades, we have been a respected leader in installing flooring solutions as well as bathroom remodeling services throughout the community and beyond. We strive to deliver exceptional results with our signature craftsmanship that no one else can match! As this area grows bigger and better so do we—Eagle Flooring Company in Fountain Hills is here for you now and always.

For over 32 years, our team of installation professionals have been the go-to experts for an assortment of flooring solutions. From vinyl and tile to hardwood, luxury vinyl plank and carpet – we do it all! Whether you need new office or home floors (commercial or residential) we are here to meet your every expectation from sales through service. And if bathroom renovations and remodels are also on your agenda, then look no further than us as there is nothing unattainable with us at the helm!

Here at Eagle Flooring Company in Fountain Hills, we are passionate about our craft and committed to offering a premier experience for all of our clients. We recognize that purchasing flooring is an important choice and collaborate with you to guarantee that you have access to the top materials and design options out there. Let us demonstrate how our skilled flooring installation services can turn your house into a gorgeous yet practical space! Connect with us now – it would be an honor for us help make your dream home come true!

Our Flooring Services

Our licensed and experienced flooring & tile professionals strive to guarantee your satisfaction with every job performed. We promise you nothing but the highest level of quality service for floor installation and bathroom remodeling in Fountain Hills!

If you are a homeowner in Fountain Hills, Arizona looking for quality flooring installation or bathroom remodeling, look no further than Eagle Flooring Company. Our team is highly experienced with over thirty years of experience in the industry and expertise to match – be it hardwood or laminate floors or carpet tiles, vinyl plank and so on! We guarantee the best services at an unbeatable price – make us your first choice for all of your flooring needs!

Struggling to find the ideal flooring for your home and budget? We are here to help! Our team pays special attention to what you need, including your style preferences as well as financial limitations. Whether it’s resilient surfaces that suit a kitchen, or soft plush carpets perfect for bedrooms; there is something within our selection just right for everyone!

Allow our team of highly trained professionals to take your dream flooring from concept to reality. With decades of experience between them, you can rest assured that every installation is done with impeccable skill and attention-to-detail; guaranteeing a flawless finish every time! Our friendly service and excellent craftsmanship will leave you feeling satisfied during each step of the process – so what are you waiting for?

Transform your dingy bathroom into a stylish sanctuary with our professional help! Our team will guide you through all stages of the renovation process – from replacing fixtures to installing new flooring. We want you to experience the joy of having a modern and beautiful bathroom, ready for rejuvenation after long days or wow-ing guest at gatherings. Let us transform your restroom today – and make it shine brighter than ever before!

Are you ready to elevate your home’s style and sophistication? At Eagle Flooring Company in Fountain Hills, we are eager to help! We offer complimentary estimates, personalized guidance, and expert service to craft a living space that is both stunning and practical. Contact us today for more details – let us make the transformation of your abode into an exquisite masterpiece!


Flooring Services



Tile Flooring

For those wishing to blend practicality and style, tile flooring is the optimal choice. Its longevity and low-maintenance requirements make it a perfect fit for any space! Plus, there are plenty of styles available; ceramic or porcelain tiles will add both durability and moisture resistance in bathrooms or kitchens. All these features make tile flooring an ideal selection - no wonder why so many decide on this chic yet easy option! On the flip side, glass tiles bring a modern and upscale atmosphere to any room. You can choose from an abundance of colors and designs for your desired look. If you want to achieve an opulent vibe, think about going natural with materials like marble, granite or stone in your space! Whatever tile option you select will provide not only aesthetics but also utility value - it's a win-win situation!
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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for any homeowner seeking to bring timeless elegance and warmth into their home. Not only does it provide elite beauty, but also comes in various forms with unique advantages depending on the circumstance. Solid wood flooring has been an all-time favorite due to its robustness - composed of one piece of real wood which can be sanded and polished countless times over its extended life span allowing you to cherish your stunning floors for years! For areas that are more humid or have uneven surfaces, engineered hardwood is ideal as it's designed specifically for these conditions. Layering different kinds of wood is the secret to creating hardwood flooring that offers more stability than conventional solid wood floors. Furthermore, DIYers will find it effortless to install snap-lock flooring due to its floating design and lack of need for nails or glue. Looking for an inexpensive alternative? Synthetic materials blend together seamlessly, giving you the same beautiful look of real wooden at a fraction of the price! Regardless which type you choose - natural woods or synthetics - your home's value and aesthetic appeal are sure to be improved with any kind of hardwood flooring.
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Vinyl plank

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl planks provide homeowners with an affordable and dependable choice for their floors. Its waterproof, scratch-resistant, and high foot traffic capacity make it a dream come true in areas of the house such as kitchens or bathrooms that often experience moisture levels higher than average. Furthermore, vinyl plank flooring is available in various colors and designs – from luxurious options that replicate natural wood to those resembling stone! With so many design possibilities at hand, you can choose between durable yet practical solutions or extravagant looks - either way; vinyl plank flooring will be the ideal solution for each space.
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Carpet Flooring

Carpeting is a popular choice for both private and commercial properties due to its soft, cozy texture. There are numerous hues, models, and fabrics to pick from - each with their own advantages. Wool carpeting has the added benefit of being resilient against stains while retaining its strength - making it perfect for high-traffic areas. On the other hand, nylon and polyester carpets provide amazing durability at an inexpensive price point; these two types usually get more attention than others by homeowners! If you prize softness and colorfastness, acrylic or polypropylene carpets are the best picks for your home. Whether placed in a cozy family room or some other part of the house, these luxurious carpets offer warmth and comfort to any environment. No matter which type of carpeting you end up choosing, its plush texture will be sure to add coziness everywhere it goes!
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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an ideal option for any property due to its toughness, versatility and affordability. With a broad selection of shades and textures available, you can quickly locate the perfect laminate flooring to suit your specific needs! Furthermore, setup couldn't be simpler - from glue down to distressed gloss high pressure or direct pressure; this type of covering provides several installation options at your disposal.Laminate flooring is the perfect choice for those looking to have a durable, long-lasting and budget-friendly option. It has the power to add charm, character and value to your home or business without breaking the bank in doing so.
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Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling or renovating your bathroom is an excellent method to enhance its look, efficiency and worth. For instance, remodeling the shower can entail refinishing surfaces and replacing fixtures as well as introducing new features such as body jets or rain showerheads for a truly luxurious experience. A walk-in shower has been gaining increasing popularity; it not only visually enlarges a bathroom, but also increases accessibility. To sum up, any sort of restroom renovation will add value to your house through convenience and satisfaction—not forgetting that it can even boost the resale price of your property in time!
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Eagle Flooring – Best FLooring Company in Fountain Hills, AZ

Why choose our Flooring Company?

When searching for a flooring company in Fountain Hills, consider all the options available to you and invest time into researching them. Don’t make an uninformed decision; rather, do your due diligence and ensure that you are getting exactly what you deserve!

To guarantee the safety of your home and family during flooring installation, it’s essential that you review a potential company’s insurance policy. Moreover, confirm customer reviews and testimonials as well as how reliably they complete their work. All this information will give you peace of mind so that when selecting a flooring business for your project you can feel confident in knowing which one fits best to meet all your needs!

When setting up an in-home estimate, it is essential to ascertain that the company offers a complete warranty for the job they are about to undertake. This certificate should provide data concerning both materials used and any repairs needed – this will assist you in deciding whether or not this business can be trusted with your undertaking.

It’s imperative to confirm the legitimacy of any company you select, and make sure they have the correct authorizations and license. Choosing a licensed flooring contractor with exclusive certification for laying floors will guarantee that you receive extraordinary service.

When searching for the perfect flooring company in Fountain HIlls, be sure to consider one that presents a wide range of materials and colors. Your ultimate choice will ultimately impact your project’s overall expenditure.

Passionately driven by the desire to develop robust and stylish flooring, three decades ago Chris moved from Philadelphia to Phoenix with a notion of launching Eagle Flooring Company. His mission was straightforward – manufacture cost-effective yet sophisticated flooring products that would meet his customer’s expectations.

Eagle Flooring Company opened to a resounding success, with customers loving their extensive selection of hardwood, laminate, vinyl and carpet floor coverings. Thrilled by the response they received from the market, Eagle Flooring quickly grew even larger; broadening its services as well as extending its range of products!

Eagle Flooring Company stands out in the industry for providing stylish and budget-friendly floor coverings that bring joy to homes and businesses located in New River, Fountain Hills, as well as all of its surrounding cities. Thanks to Chris’ dedication since day one, Eagle’s success has been propelled higher than ever before. His unwavering commitment continues to be seen through his vision which drives further development of the company today.