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Flooring Installation in Rio Verde, AZ

Established for over three decades, Eagle Flooring Company is the leader in floor installation and bathroom remodeling in Rio Verde Arizona. Our decades of experience guarantee top-notch quality at an unbeatable price! Allow our premier flooring experts to deliver exceptional craftsmanship into your Waddell home today.

With our unmatched skill and expertise in flooring installation, we are the perfect option for all your flooring needs. With over 30 years of experience installing everything from ceramic tile to laminate wood floors, no job is too difficult or complex for us! Moreover, if you need help remodeling bathrooms then leave it up to us – our team will get the task done quickly with high-end results. Look no further than us for excellent service and outstanding quality in residential and commercial settings alike!

At Eagle Flooring Company in Rio Verde, we are passionate about our work and always strive to deliver the most excellent service and satisfaction for you. We recognize that floor installation is an investment worth making; hence, when you select us as your partner, we will join hands with you to create a stunning space that can withstand wear-and-tear while being useful over time! Get connected with us today and let our professional experience help bring life into your home interior design project!

Our Flooring Services

Let our licensed, bonded craftsmen make your Rio Verde home or business look amazing with custom floors and bathroom remodels! We are ready to assist you in bringing your dream design into a reality. From flooring to tile installation – whatever it is that you need, we can get the job done for you. Now's the perfect time to let us help realize your vision today!

The team at Eagle Flooring Company has been helping Rio Verde, Arizona homeowners turn their house into a true reflection of who they are for more than thirty years. From hardwood to tile to laminate carpets and vinyl plank, we have an abundance of flooring choices that will make your dream home come alive. To top it all off, our bathroom remodeling services can give any space a modern facelift!

At our Rio Verde flooring company, we are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the requirements of our customers. With a vast range of materials, colors and styles available for selection, you can effortlessly find flooring that is perfect for your home. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to accompany you through each step in selecting just the right product for your residence.

With our team of flooring specialists, each with decades of experience in installation services for all types of floors, you can rest assured that your newly chosen surfaces will be installed flawlessly. We take immense pride in delivering exemplary service and achieving absolute customer satisfaction – the perfect finish is a guarantee!

Help us reinvigorate your dreary bathroom into a stylish and fashionable space within your home. We have the perfect solution for all of your restroom renovation needs including installing new fixtures, replacing flooring or even remodeling the shower area. With our assistance, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the modernized version of this room!

Make contact with the experienced team at Eagle Flooring Company in Rio Verde today to get a free, stress-free assessment of your flooring or bathroom remodeling project. We are here to help you design an aesthetically pleasing, durable and efficient space that will bring contentment for years going forward.


Flooring Services



Tile Flooring

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, tile flooring is the ideal solution for any space. Its versatility and minimal maintenance make it an attractive choice that can lend sophistication to your home or workplace. With ceramic, marble and granite being just some of the many options available in terms of material type - there's no limit when it comes to creative design possibilities! Not only are these tiles aesthetically pleasing but they also have proven resistance against moisture making them robustly durable too. Go ahead and explore all the diverse colors, styles and textures – each one has its own unique charm waiting to be discovered! Glass tiles are the ideal solution for any area in your home where there is high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Their modern aesthetic with sophistication makes them an excellent choice for backsplashes or accent walls; they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will instantly update any space! If you're aiming to elevate any corner of your home or office, then marble, granite and stone tiles will instantly lend a sense of luxury. Although they may be more costly than other kinds of tile, their unmatched beauty and robustness make them an invaluable investment that is completely worth it.
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Hardwood Flooring

Select hardwood flooring to amplify the beauty of your home while ensuring long-term sturdiness. Whether you opt for a single solid piece that can be sanded down and refinished multiple times, or layered engineered hardwood with increased stability in rooms exposed to moisture or uneven subfloors, rest assured that either choice will last through years as an attention-grabbing part of any dwelling. Snap-lock flooring is a perfect choice for DIYers as it does not require adhesive or nails to install. Crafted from an amalgamation of synthetic materials that mimic natural wood, you can enjoy the added comfort and character at an economical cost - thus increasing your home's value!
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Vinyl plank

Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you're searching for an economical and reliable flooring material that will last a long time, then vinyl plank flooring is definitely worth your consideration. This synthetic option has several advantages like being waterproof, scratch-resistant and simple to keep clean. Additionally, there are plenty of colors or styles available so no matter if you want something practical for the kitchen or luxurious in the living room - you can easily find exactly what suits your needs! Revamping any area of your home doesn't have to cost you a fortune, and with vinyl plank flooring, it won't! Moreover, installation is easy - regardless if you decide to hire someone or take on the project yourself.
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Carpet offers a soft, welcoming atmosphere for any room that is sure to make you feel at home. Not only does it provide insulation benefits and help keep your energy cost down, but carpeting also helps absorb soundwaves so you can enjoy the tranquil ambiance of your living space! There are countless colors and patterns available to choose from that will surely match with whatever style or design you have in mind. Looking for the perfect carpet option for your bedroom or living room? Let us find one together today! Search no further! Whether you're seeking a sumptuous touch of luxury or sturdy solutions that repel pesky stains, we've got something perfect for any kind of space. Our carpets are both soft to the touch and built to last - giving your home the best of both worlds.
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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the ideal and more affordable choice for both residential and commercial spaces, offering an incomparable combination of strength, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Installing laminate floors can be done with several methods - glue down, floating or click-lock – so you have a selection that fits your needs whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals. What's even better? It requires minimal upkeep; simply sweeping regularly will keep them looking like new! Are you searching for a low-cost yet stylish solution to cover your floors? Look no further than laminate flooring – it is the perfect choice! Not only is it resilient and economically viable, but also comes in an array of colors and styles that will fit any aesthetic. If you want to elevate the look of your home or office without spending too much, then adding laminate flooring should be at the top of your list. Make sure to invest in this wonderful product today!
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Bathroom Remodeling

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of modernity with our stunning remodel services! With the latest fixtures and tech, you can totally revive this common area. From reinvigorating surfaces to incorporating new features like body jets or rain showerheads - there is no limit to what you can do for reviving your space. Make it as vibrant and fresh as you'd like; all options are at hand when considering a luxury upgrade. Adding a luxurious touch like an up-to-date walk-in shower can not only make any guest swoon, but also add convenience while creating an eye catching feature. Such alterations in your bathroom will not just increase the value of your home substantially, but also greatly enhance how much you enjoy it.
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Eagle Flooring – Best FLooring Company in Rio Verde Arizona

Why choose our Flooring Company?

For over thirty years, Eagle Flooring Company in Rio Verde has been providing New River, Rio Verde and its nearby communities with the highest quality flooring installation and bathroom remodeling services. Our knowledgeable experts are well-versed in all types of floors such as hardwood, tile, vinyl plank and laminate to create a professional result that lasts. Plus, we also offer comprehensive bathroom remodelings so you can easily turn your dull or aged space into something more modernized!

With a wide variety of flooring choices on the market, selecting the perfect one for your residence or workplace can be overwhelming. That’s why our staff is here to listen and understand your desires, preferences, and budget in order to help guide you towards making an informed decision. We have a vast selection of floorcoverings that will match any style taste without breaking the bank – all while ensuring you get the absolute best solution for whatever living area needs enhancement!

Once you’ve chosen the ideal flooring for your home or business, our crew will handle the installation with confidence and skill. Years of experience installing a wide variety of surfaces has led us to perfect our craftsmanship – resulting in an impeccable finish that gives all customers peace-of-mind! We pride ourselves on delivering nothing but topnotch service and satisfaction from start to finish, so rest assured that when you choose us as your provider, exceptional floors are only moments away.

At our Rio Verde flooring company, we are more than just a flooring company – bathroom remodeling is also part of our expertise! No matter if you’re looking for new tiles, fixtures or even a complete redesign of your space – the possibilities are endless. Our team will take the time to discuss with you every step in order to create an action plan that fits both your needs and budget while providing assistance through all phases of the process. Let us help make YOUR dream bathroom come true!

At Eagle Flooring Company, we are a proud local family-owned business serving the Rio Verde community. Our dedicated team of professionals offers personalized attention and reliable customer service at all times – with honesty as our priority! We promise to be transparent throughout your project so that you can receive an upgrade to your floors or bathroom without any hidden surprises. Contact us today for more information on how we can help – let’s get started!